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Why should you choose us for your technical support needs?

It all started in New York.

Let’s start with a tech support nightmare story that a friend of ours had to go through. He had an expensive gaming laptop that needed repair. He googled to find a computer repair shop in his area and after checking many reviews found one place with a good 4.6-star review.

So, he took the laptop to said place. After their diagnosis, they told him that his laptop could not be repaired because it had a damaged motherboard and that they could not find a replacement motherboard.

My friend believed the diagnosis and took the laptop home, disappointed that it could not be repaired. It was a high-end gaming laptop for which he had spent a lot of hard-earned money.

A few months after this, I happened to visit my friend and he told me the story of his laptop and the diagnosis given to him by this tech firm. So, I offered to have a look at the laptop much like getting a second opinion on your health issue from different doctors.

My diagnosis showed that the motherboard was perfectly fine and that the hard drive and the LCD display were faulty.

My friend was shocked by this revelation was not ready for the bigger shock yet. He had installed 2 SSD drives in his laptop. When I opened the laptop, I noticed that it had 1 drive instead of 2 drives.2nd drive was obviously missing. And the one drive in there was not an SSD but a spinning disk drive. And that spinning disk drive was not even functional! It was a dead spinning hard drive, and windows would not boot because of this dead drive. We also noticed that the original configuration of the laptop was 16 GB RAM on one bay. We noticed that now there was two different brands of 4GB RAM on 2 bays totaling 8GB instead of the original 16GB one bay fast gaming RAM. One out of these two RAMs we noticed looked like it had been taken out of a garbage bin. So, to recap: They lied to him that his motherboard was damaged and that they could not find a replacement board. Then they stole 2 of the SSD original drives and 16GB RAM. Replaced it with cheap 8GB RAM. Put a dead spinning hard drive in there. Closed the unit and gave it to him. We can only imagine how many innocent people are being ripped off in this way by these tech firms. Stealing your parts, lying about it and overcharging for dishonest diagnosis. How would you feel if that happened to you?

Many of the folks out there are not tech savvy and do not have a choice but believe these rip offs in the hope of having their tech issues resolved and many times unresolved due to their (the tech firm) technical incompetence. Now you have an alternative. US. We promise to give you honest diagnosis, quality of service and fast tech support. Simple. Straightforward. We get your job done whatever it takes.

Es D
Founder & CEO NYTechX

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